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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How much patience is enough for love?

One of the known virtues in life is the ability to withstand pressure, to not settle for immediate gratification, and to reveal patience in trying circumstances. One example that can try your patience is when your partner does not grasp something you have been trying to explain to him or her, over and over and over again. Another common situation is when the person you live with continues to exhibit a habit, such as leaving clothes strewn across the furniture and lying on the floor - or - an obsessive cleanliness that drives your crazy.

When sharing space and intimacy with another person, you will inevitably reach a point where strong differences are apparent. Some partners will easily alter their behaviors to accomodate your needs as well as their own. Others cannot and will not bend. You can yell and scream and turn blue in the face, but they will continue doing what they do, regardless of the effect upon you.

At what point does being patient (forgiving and overlooking actions and behaviors that bother you) become unhealthy and a detriment to your own health and well being? There is not one answer that fits all people and all situations. Sometimes, patience over the long haul leads to an awakening at a much later point in time that could not have been predicted early on. And sometimes, many years later, your patience wears thin and you finally decide to break off a relationship that has not changed in months or years.

How do you decide when your patience has reached a limit and enough is enough?

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