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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A New Perspective on Problems

Most of us spend a lot of time worrying about problems. We complain about problems we have had in the past, even when they no longer exist. We complain about our current problems because they seem to interfere with our pleasure of the moment. And we worry about potential problems in our future, even if they are preventable, unlikely to occur, and fairly easy to handle and overcome.

Take a moment to think about a problem you once had, maybe even a huge one, a problem that no longer exists or no longer disturbs you. How did you approach this problem at the time? Did you avoid facing it? Did you handle it cleanly? Did you create turmoil, anger, resentment and pain, in yourself or in others, because of the way you dealt with it?

Problems are not our enemies. In fact, in very many situations, our biggest problems gradually become our best friends. Because of a problem, we might seek counseling that unravels our emotional past and provides us with strong resources to handle our future.
Because of a problem, we might reach out to a friend and develop a closeness that was not possible before. Because of a problem, we may make a complete career change that leads to greater satisfaction, higher income and perhaps a sense of fulfilling our life’s purpose. And, because of longsuffering from an overwhelming problem, we may seek a spiritual sanctuary and develop a soothing, affirming connection with God that keeps us tranquil in the face of adversity.

When we give power to our problems rather than to our own potential to seek resolution, we lose a part of our consciousness and we lose a sense of our own self worth. When we give power, instead, to our dreams, our goals, and our unforeseeable future, we gain access to the joy and love and caring that is available to us in every moment of our life.

Next time you are caught in the quagmire of a seemingly insurmountable problem, turn your vision toward your unknown future. Imagine the problem already resolved in a manner that you could not possibly handle all by yourself. Continue to hold that vision and watch what happens.

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