Healing Love

Love is who we are, what we are seeking, and how we want to be received. Love is the most simple and most intricately complex aspect of life. Love teaches, love hurts and love heals. Remember to love yourself first.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

What is love?

Love is a feeling. Love is a behavior. Love is a choice and a decision. Love is a work of art in progress requiring great skill and unremitting patience.
We often confuse love with its close associates - lust, passion, desire and fantasy. What we call love is often merely an illusion, a fantasy that the person or object of our love can provide everything we want and need to remain joyous forever. But what happens when our love object allows us to get close? The illusion shatters. We realize that this person cannot provide everything we expected. Sadly, we are left with all the fears and insecurities we were attempting to escape through love. However, rarely do we realize that our love object has been equally disillusioned by us.

This is where the art of love begins....


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